Life as I see it

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

We choose whether to be happy

or angry all the time

or just go with the flow

but managed to make it worthwhile

or keep holding back

and missed the opportunities

when you stuck in the dark

and wonder what if?


Life as I see it

Should be embraced as a gift

Hugs the ups and downs

And cry all you want

Because life is what you choose

How are you going to make it





With YiPin & her polaroid

1. Nothing is sweeter when 50+ people singing you a birthday song in a middle of lecture

2. Happiness must be seek, not gain

3. To age gracefully, we should not have any regrets

4. Let a child comb your hair to make you feel good

5. Learning how to ignore negative/annoying comments on FB is a must

6. Buying your friends drinks  is good for your relationship

7. To have a pot plant on your office desk is crucial

8. Learning origami is harder than it looks

9. Having a pen pal through snail mail is very rewarding

10. Leather sling bag is ‘cool’ for an editor


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Everything seems to walk slow

Trail of this summer fades just a while ago

Yet I seem to see your face everywhere I am

Your warmth then still lingers in my hand

We are just inches separate

But why does I feel it’s more than miles away?


Here I am without you beside me

Try to face everyday just to believe

Hoping you to see the real me

To hold what I had within

Our fates are just to begin

Or finally had to see the end?


Last night as I woke up to write this note

I feel the pieces of future are falling low

Try to pick it up and make sure it’s ok

But I am so afraid to even hope again


Take me back in your arms and whispers to me

This is a moment of one bad dream


Because when it’s finally at the edge

It’s so hard to make this turn


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You can fake smile

But you can’t fake feelings

You can say you’re ok

But you are hurt within

You can give excuses

When it pains me to accept them

Do you know that what I asked for?

Is nothing more than just time


It is just worst to feel invalid

Procrastination Destination

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Life to Do

1. You give me time, I give you more time

2. You give me to-do-list, I respect them and never had it crossed out

3.You give me target and goals,  I give you never ending explanations..reasons..statistics..summaries until you give up

I am the queen of procrastinations..sigh..nothing in my 27 list has been crossed out..**pfftt

Will do 200 sit-ups starting..tomorrow! (typical me)



27 things to do before I’m 27

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Life to Do

1. Ride an elephant

2. Exploring cave in Sarawak

love for life

3. Publish my poems in a book

4. Get 3.8 pointer for my study

5. Sew a baju kurung myself

6. Make a pinhole camera

7. Volunteer at Zoo Negara

8. Do 200 sit ups

9. Cook for a friend

10. Learn Cantonese dialect

11. Go camping with my loved ones

12. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine

13. Attend wedding make-up/grooming class

14. Learn haiku

15. Buy my mom a bracelet

16. Go to a hairdresser and let them do whatever they want

17. Volunteer at an orphanage

18. Write thank you notes to three teachers

19. Learn a magic trick

20. Put a message in a bottle

21. Give cookies to neighbours

22. Join cosplay

23. Redesign home to vintage theme

24. Do DIY jewelry

25. Get a mehdi

26. Learn scuba diving

27. Give away origami to strangers